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Related article: Date : Wed, 20 Dec 2009 11 30th 13 -0800 From: Oregon Bear u003coregonbear9 gmail. com u003e Subject: Campanero This story contains graphic descriptions of adult male gay sex. if this issue is offended or is illegal for you to read, please leave this instead. Copyright 2009. Oregon Bear Oregonbear9 gmail. com The Campanero The first time I was in a Santa suit, ringing the bell at the the mall. His thick black beard and mustache had a little money, n and is a Santa Claus I saw had come down my chimney on a cold the winter night. I would offer him some cookies and eggnog, and invite him to stay with me through the fire, and then some. I threw a few bucks in the pot , and make sure, I introduced myself to him. Jeff was his name and gave him me a grin splitting his thick mustache and goatee. I wished him a Merry Christmas, and gave a silent prayer for what I wanted in my stocking. Oof ! It seemed a bit familiar to me, but I could not apWhere would join satisfied. At least in my dreams where I woke up, my cock dripping hard, , my heart the joy with moist with sweat. Then I saw him at the Y this afternoon, the two in the weight room. I made ​​a point to get on the treadmill next to yours, after finished my weight routine. I have a good look at their wells of sweat and vision of his hard chest through the fabric of his shirt sweaty, and the description of their buttocks muscles hard and sample package, the apparently, on of Jock. The contours of the band pushed against the closure of nylon shorts and my dick moved a little, imagine what his team was as the entire Pedo Boys training course. mentioned that he was the assistant chief s new fire in the city, and I saw coming out of the fireplace, my neighbor had a couple of nights before. was responsible for the crew on the fire truck and realized I had to my neighbors a blanket and a cup of tea while the crew saw flames quickly n delete andThe air in the house. It was then that I realized that I had seen there that night. His thick mustache and goatee was a little brighter in the dim light of the streetlight and the lights of fire trucks, spray nozzles of fire hoses quickly absorbing everything you n on the farm, including its course, its thick, yellow boots, and thick hair in the dark beard and the beard on the cheeks. I had become hardened before. I thought it was just a fantasy of the night, but I'm glad that it s proved me wrong. When Jeff finished his workout, followed him in the locker room, , and Pedo Boys has a great view of his towel after a shower to get. I not want to be caught staring, so I took a few glances. his strong arms folded, as he wiped his muscular chest, hairy, and ran the towel to the abdomen and attached Pedo Boys to the thick skin around his penis and testicles. He would do Santa Claus suit full of nice and strong, but it was certainly more fun to watch now. was good built in every way, and his cock was swaying a little uncut on his balls as he bent to clear their strong thighs, his hard muscle, white buttocks and a nice tan line in the crack, his muscular back Turn a little hard to the neon light of the changing rooms. that I wanted more, much more. But I looked away and get ready dress. My penis was aware of it, too, and I had Pedo Boys my shorts in the pretty fast, so Mr. Stiffie not going to deliver. On Monday, the two were in a planning meeting for a new industrial facilities on the outskirts of the city, and was impressed with his knowledge of the engineering and practical needs of firefighters. He gave a detailed presentation and entertaining, but I felt my mind wander a bit, as I noticed the bulge in his pants well and the lock of hair sticking out of his collar open. I could see the outline of a nipple to his shirt from time to time, and my hot cock dream fueled a nice day on what he likes to be in bed jokeI h. We chatted a bit, and Jeff suggested we meet for coffee sometime. I cleared my throat Mental calendar no obligation, but he managed to note quietly to a later point in the week. as turned out, I got a good eyeful of her firm ass cheeks and stung the hands of my s, to test the muscle tone of a handful of meat. The next day he was invited to my service club meeting introduced s, and I managed to renew our friendship. He gave me a big smile, say it was nice to see someone she met at the club, by the fire chief, who had led the meeting, hoping that he comes. A few minutes later, the two volunteers to ring the bell at the local mall, increase money for the proposed Christmas Shopping Association. I jumped at the chance to spend a little more with this stallion, if only to give my eyes to a to treat. My penis has nothing. It was the only way to the presence of her furry and toned body. had asked a few questions after the meeting, and learned hand was not required , and it was not much of a dater in the city. And I learned that And quite regularly, worked gave me an incentive to ramp up my own training schedule a bit. This Saturday, we worked together for a two-hour shift, both in dress Santa Claus suit that turns on the bell, and are available in all the red Kettle at the entrance to the mall. We had a good time and a lot of threw the people in the city some money and thanked us for helping less fortunate, just before Christmas. It was very cold, the winter wind uplift n prime howling in the mountains, and I jumped on Jeff invitation to warm up with an Irish coffee and a late lunch at the shopping center Brewpub and Steakhouse. We get to dinner, and perhaps helped the second Irish coffee. The two had more or less frozen after we passed by the bell, and when we sat by the fire, which gradually discover that we are gay and were loose n and enjoyed the same pleasures in life. And never had occurred to me the opportunity to graze, my point of view of his ruggedly handsome face, his goatee and thick mustache and dark curly against his tanned face. He had not shaved this morning, and I liked the litter layer on the cheeks and jaw as that was talking about. Christmas was only a few days and I had no real plans. I asked Jeff what he was doing for Christmas, and got the same response from him. I suggested he come to my house on Christmas Eve and we were able to the feast in silence, and get to know us better. " spend the night too," he said, suggesting to try a rare bottle of whiskey he had saved for the holidays and not drive to worry about your house. " Ah, whiskey. My favorite," said Jim. " And I will bring a bottle wine No, I took a trip last summer. " had a rib for a special occasion I have been, the store and told Jim, he was able to bring a dessert and make it to cook a gourmet meal to celebrate. I had some other Weida was willing to share with him,Moreover, and I not have to dig a freezer in the foreseeable future. Was prepared as and are ready to be served my guest. I hope he liked that weird, that is a good dose of my special homemade juice. It has long been in the brewing long time, and the building pressure. It was time to heat and serve a generous portion. I like, like my guests. Jim showed up at my door at the right time of wine and dessert in hand. He had spent his Christmas outfit, and we laughed at the sight of him all the in the red dress, singing a Christmas carol and "ho ho Hoeing," as I him a tour of the house and gave him a whiskey and soda. was very hot in the house and soon Jim shucking his jacket n Big Santa, revealing his well defined in the upper body is a tight shirt. I could see her nipples poking through the fabric and a beautiful tuft of chest hair sticking out at the neckline. I never had Christmas dinner before, let alone with a drink in him. But he stepped back into the sOFA, drink in hand, and soon dropped his black leather boots. " What do you want me, Santa? " I asked. " You have to wait a bit until after dinner," said Santa. " Y n, depends on whether you were naughty or nice this year. " " Well, Santa Claus, I was a good boy all year," he said. "Santa does not love their children will always be beautiful," said Santa. "If You were a bit cheeky, I have a very special gift for you. " " Oh, how bad? " I asked. "I have some bold ideas lately, I must admit. " We laughed Jeff plays Santa Claus, but Jeff just smiled when I asked again. " You have to wait and see," he said. We had a fabulous dinner, and Jeff, he opened an excellent Merlot discovered. He was an expert on wine, which has resulted, and led me a fascinating discussion of the vineyards, which specializes in old vineyards and obscure grape varieties. I had to attend a seminar on the thought learning to mix different wines, called meWorld Heritage, and perhaps change races. as we sipped our wine, I followed this fine specimen of masculinity admired my desk and watched the candlelight Pedo Boys glow softly in the tanned his face and a little glitter in his beard. The soft light showed is the strong muscles of his arms and chest still covered by the shirt. I I saw slowly taking off his shirt, running from my goatee for thick chest hair, and slowly licked her hard nipples. My hands could feel the hardness of his muscular back and buttocks firm, then the furry the heat of his scrotum and girth of your penis. My armpits were wet now, with the heat of my desire and enthusiasm of my imagination. still had in his red pants Santa, and as we moved to the room to be with the rest of the wine, I admired her firm buttocks back under the cloth of red velvet firmly against his ass. Pedo Boys I knew what it was in this fabric soft, luxurious, and I expected the warm flesh would be a part of my ChrisTMA will present this year. Jeff had a box of gifts he received from his family, brought and a Pedo Boys few friends, and we agreed that we share our opening this with time tonight. I presented some Christmas music and took a becomes open and sharing with each other stories about our family and friends. I had planned to have his own for Christmas, and Jeff, and gave me a warm feeling, this time with my new friend to share, to have some company in what would Pedo Boys otherwise have been a alone, empty night. Finally, with all gifts unwrapped, Jeff sat in his big red Santa Claus hat and coat, buckling and large black buckle around his waist. I watched in amazement. What was this man up ? " Ho, ho, ho," roared a deep belly laugh. "Happy Christmas. " " And now, my child, my gift to you," he chuckled. Pedo Boys " But I have not had anything," he said, looking at this beautiful man sitting beside me, his mustache larger hLips, smiling back to me. " Oh, but I did," he replied. " But I'll be your turn to present his first. Were very naughty this year, so this is a special gift that only give special child. It is a gift you deserve. And I think you'll enjoy it. "" But, before unpacking, I have to take something else, "he said, adding that. Santa Claus with his big hand came up to me, his hand is open. He ran his big hand in the chest, looking for a nipple beneath the fabric of my shirt, and little by little rub with your fingers, quickly strengthening, hardening. before the tip of the finger was the point of my new eye and rubbed it slowly stroked tit and caressed and then the other. My breathing Pedo Boys deepens, and I gasped with pleasure as she kept rubbing and stroking. My cock swelled, my balls were higher, to grow against my cock, , and I felt a trickle of sweat out of my shoulders. At one point, unbuttoned the top button of my shirt, and then the next, and n afterthat, my shirt was opened, exposing chest suddenly sweaty. His fingers moved slowly through the skin n hair between my nipples, and then each of my nipples hurt and now hot on contact. Heat of his hand on my chest poked the fire, and on my tail. His other hand moved to my neck and around my chin beard, his fingers through my beard, and the stubble on my sandpaper cheek. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensation of the hands, as explored my chest and my face, my beard. My breathing slowed down and took him in, concentrate on every movement of his hands. slowly ran his hand under my chest to my stomach, n is the sense of skin in the belly, and thick strands of hair on the trail that leads now my hard drive , cock pain. His heat was hot in my belly, and slowly began to , to open my belt. I heard the soft sound of skin on my belt and pulled out out Pedo Boys of the buckle, gave to the narrowness of the band. two beganERS moved to the top of my jeans, slowly, slowly releasing the top Press. It was a shock, and then release the material, when away from the suspension n button. hand, now sweaty, like my chest, ran in front of my jeans, rubbing up and down on the shaft of my hard cock still trapped in my jeans and my shorts and steam. Up and down, very slowly, like the fingers of his s found the outline of my shaft, the edge of my glans, and of the fullness of my balls ache just below my cockroot. felt the pull of the zipper, finger tab now moves down down. The soft clang of me, aperture, exposure of me, seemed to fill the room, panting loudly against the softness of your breathing, and my tattered of pleasure. the other hand pulled the shirt, the fabric is moving away from my naked Pedo Boys shoulders and pulled the blanket back, the sleeves a bit in my hooked wet armpits now, until the shirt off my chest now bare, exposed every whim. The room air was coolBut against my sweaty in the chest and wet skin of my box. The heat rose in my nostrils, my lustful scent fills my nose. leaned his bearded face near my ear, her wet tongue against my earlobe. His breathing was loud in my Pedo Boys ear, her warm breath hot against my cheek. His breath smelled like the rest of the wine, mulled with passion. My hand moves across the top of her thighs, and felt his hard s Hahn load, just below the velvety texture of the pants. "What a beautiful gift you give to me tonight," he whispered, his hands s pulling my jeans, pulling the sheet, pulling my shorts y jeans with a movement consistent and persistent. I moved a little to free the pants under my buttocks until you feel in the seat backs naked, remove my clothes. He quickly stripped off my jeans and my legs feet , and his meaty hand moved slowly down my legs and stroked her hair in the calf, thigh, until he got the guts, skin skin from the heat heat. My balls are a little high, sitting on her bag and felt her urgency, his touch. " Well, as I unpack my mind, it's time to unpack the n " he whispered. My hands were trembling with lust, or just nerves would not go to fast here, but not too slow. I did what was done by Santa took my time, but anxious too. A drop of sweat fell from my long armpit, on my side. My dick hard now, was leaked a steady stream of juice, and Pedo Boys the room was hot with the smell of male lust. IN was, awkwardly at first, in the wide leather belt of his coat, the sensation of thick leather, black and silver buckle, until finally he was loose. I met with one hand, and then another, up and down the red velvet of his of skin, white leather trim, the feel of the buttons to open once again his chest was covered only by the thin fabric of her shirt. It tastes spicy, hot, rose from their mines, their muscles under the fabric. his shirt from his chest was slower than the timecaressing her nipples hot, sharp, and feel the thick tufts of fur on the chest broad and muscular. Soon he was elected with a bare torso, his in the chest and fell a little faster, the pungent odor of their wells and wet hard in the nose. It smelled good, rich, exactly Pedo Boys what I wanted in this long winter night. His shoulders were hard, defined muscles flexible under the skin soft. I was sweating, too, and I could smell his cigar, masculine fragrance with a touch of wood smoke mingled with fire, roast , and had some strong red wine we were drinking. My fingers moved quickly to his hairy belly, hard, until I felt the top button of his trousers in velvet, and then, later, the hardness of thickness on its axis and rests firmly on the fabric of the crotch. I spent s, feel Pedo Boys the heat of his lust, the hardness of the thick cock eagerly San s, knowing that I have pushed, his way to the depths within me me. It was everything I wanted tonight to be with himTo must take me, hold me and get away with me. as was in his pants, his meaty, hairy thighs pushed, and the fame of his s was high in front of me, his head throbbing to the beat of cut hearts. I pushed slowly through the narrowness of his foreskin, his freed acorn and looked a little mud precum slowly out of the slot, my network fingers. I got some juice, taste, smell and the first of its juices wet glans. My heart was pounding, my balls of fire, o need so badly now. I went in search of my mouth his hairy chest, her nipples large hard , thick tufts of chest hair dry, wet with sweat now n lemon in the chest hard. I hesitated a little, then down his hard stomach, wine tasting move your belly skin, a little salty sweat n until my tongue and my lips to wait little bit in my mouth. My hand moved down the legs, the sense of shaggy hide his muscular thighs and calves, free it from the package red velvet around his ankles. pushd legs apart and then run my hand up and down her thighs, moan with pleasure listened Pedo Boys when I found close cases, the scrotum wrinkled, hairy. His balls felt tight, fully in his bag, and I ran a finger around the pad of his hole, feel that tightness and sighs, my fingers stroked and touched the nervous about her desire to another level. Later that night, I 'd go back to this place opens gently with my fingers, slippery with the wet thickness of his semen first, and moisten your hole stretch. I would open my bearded face to participate in the fingers, is in the first ball and then the other on my tongue wet and slippery, in the scrotum hair thick and strong, his heavy balls in my slide, slippery tongue. My saliva out of my mouth, soaking my beard, soaking and the opening of his hole. His Pedo Boys hard cock was pushing against my face s against the beard on the cheeks and I could smell the odor of his JISM just past and yeast sweat of his crotch, my cock hard and wet and eager again. and then, when you groan with pleasure, I would act against him, my hairy chest and sweat hard against him and slid my cock into his hole, moist and keen, hard again , when I first semen. And then, little by little, I get into it, take it, pushed my manhood deep inside him, so deep, my balls is pushed against her butt cheeks, the skin on my crotch wet wavy tail hard against her back. And I came, slowly at first, again and forth, rubbing the tip of my cock round against his prostate, so Pedo Boys that n and beat him moan of ecstasy beneath me again that both exploded , spilling our seed and on the other, the room filled with the sounds of our moans and screams, and the fresh smell of our seeds. Naked now, the two were shooting, so the couch on the floor, touching the hands and the feet, chest and stomach, and rub hard cocks and and become one. Hungry, took another deep, offeringanxious h cost each other juices, feeling each of the hard axis and secretion cockheads. Saliva and precum soaked in sweat and our bodies, and drip wet. Our breath rose and gasped, and soon we were panting and moaning, our seeds grow quickly into balls. in a time when time stood still, and both complained screams, flying long jet beads of seeds and sprouts, and soaking beards sweaty chest, and thick skin of our bars. The air was filled with the flavor leaven from our seeds, with the sweat and the smell of evergreens mixed Christmas and wood smoke from the fire. we spent, drained, in each other's arms, now runs the Santa fingers on my balls vacuum along the Pedo Boys vein of my cock, his fingers slowly n around my glans. One last pearl of my semen flowed his finger n. I heard him laugh, watching him slowly moving his fingers full of sperm be hairy lips and tried again to me. " Merry Christmas" he whispered. " Merry Christmas, Dad," I replied. " You got me just what wants. "
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